Video advertising is no longer the future, it is the present

Today it is not possible to present a product, service or idea without a video series.
You will quickly get a backlash from your audience when you begin to communicate with them through the video sequence. Commercials, music videos, video presentations, character animation - this is part of the techniques that allow you to better reveal all the advantages of your product.

Creating videos that meet today's trends is our job!
  • Unique creative script.
  • A selection of trendy style of the clip.
  • Creating a video in a short time.
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Creative screenwriters with a unique vision on product promotion
Experienced designers and illustrators who feel the latest trends in media space
Professional video editors and animators working on high-quality equipment

We can be entrusted with all stages of creating a video or order separate stages of video production.
For example, you have a script ready and even a storyboard for a future movie, all that remains is to visualize and animate elements. We will discuss with you the style of the clip, the features of the animation and launch into production.

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How it Works?

  1. Write to us about your task, which will solve the video clip. Tell us a little about your project and the product / service that you produce. This is easy to do with our brief.

  2. Based on the brief you sent, we will offer you a draft script and options for the visual style of the video. We will send you for consideration and choice.

  3. When the choice of style and script is over, designers and illustrators draw a storyboard and offer animation dynamics options. You choose the option.

  4. We starting the most interesting process - animation, editing and sounding video clip.

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What types of videos do you create?

In our arsenal, many different styles and areas of visualization.
For example:
Editing a clip from several videos with the addition of animation of graphic elements.
Create hand-drawn character animations or infographics.
Use in the video reception stop motion.
More types look in brief.

How long does the video production
process take?

Production time depends on many parameters.
For example:
- video time,
- drawing unique graphics for animation,
- creation of a unique character,
- additional shooting of photo or video content for editing,
- creation of 3D graphics.
The minimum period of video production after approval of the brief is 3 days. The more complex the video clip, the more days it will take to produce it.
We will notify you of the time immediately after studying the brief.

How many video options do you provide?

You can choose the options at the stage of writing the script and at the stage of agreeing on the video clipboard storyboard.
Accordingly, the video itself will be provided in one version.

Why do I need a brief?

Brief is a list of compressed information that our team needs to know in order to create high-quality video.
There are several questions in the brief, answering which we will better learn about your project and we will be able to convey the message to your viewer.

How are the clips sounded?

In each clip, we use music that best suits the video in terms of dynamics and mood. At your request, we have an additional opportunity to bring in a specialist who will create a unique audio track for your video.
For the voice of the text in a voice, we also have several specialists with different timbres of voice.

How much and when do I pay?

The cost of your individual video is calculated by the brief.
After agreeing on the timing and concept of the clip you pay for the order.

Will it be possible to make adjustments
to the finished video?

Yes, if it does not concern the general concept of video and does not violate the timing and composition. The remaining adjustments we discuss with you individually.