Site Development Plan

Plan site

To begin with, you should decide which topic of your business (online sales, training, or construction). After understanding the subject required to determine the color scheme of the site. Tk is a key and necessary component for the development of the site.

All selected and prepared, then make up the TK for the development of the site.

So, we will consider a plan for developing an ecommerce project, as this is the most common type of site.

It is necessary to describe how and what will be displayed on the main page of the site. Usually it is:

  • - in what form will the menu and how it will work
  • - slider
  • - the most purchased goods
  • - Latest news
  • - Special offers and discounts
  • - phone numbers and addresses

2. Next, we describe directly the product card, those that we want to see there and in what place (this item, like the whole plan, will give the designer the necessary information for the works)

3. The next item to describe we will have the category of goods, here it is necessary to consider how the goods will be filtered, in what form they will be displayed in a list or preview. Will sorting.

4. One of the most important pages on the site is the shopping cart and ordering, here you need to consider:

  • - how products should be displayed
  • - how the order will be processed
  • - how the order amount and delivery will be displayed
  • - whether discounts will be displayed
  • - how many steps will be at the checkout stage
  • - what page of success will be

5. And the last step is to describe how typical pages will look like - news, contacts and so on.

6. Also in the plan you can describe how orders will be received by the client / manager. Delivery notifications and order status.

And remember, the more detailed the project is described, the better your Internet project will be.