Create flexible corporate site

Corporate site for many companies is an important tool for communication with the client. We create and integrate a site for many systems. Today we will tell how to make a flexible corporate website, with the optimal (in our opinion) and simple version.

To deploy a corporate website, we use several technologies (all for free)! Well, let's start!

We take one of the popular WordPress systems, this system is one of the free ones. Next, we use the Laravel framework, it is very simple and is gaining great popularity, and is almost free. Next, we will take hosting, the best options are the cloud server (since its parameters can be updated simply, in one click).


Well, then we integrate laravel into wordpress, and the wordpress admin panel will be autonomous, not in a production environment.

Next, we are preparing a theme for our corporate site. In this case, we have many options, take a ready-made template or create a new one. The best option is to create a new one so that the site is unique and ranks well in the search engines.

We highly recommend integrating only responsive and mobile ready-made design, because Google will determine this and only the site with mobile readiness will come first.

Well that's all. In particular, this site can be updated very quickly.