YouTube video ads

The main objective of this article is to give you the idea that creating a promotional video for posting on YouTube and other video platforms are not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

I will talk about the types of advertising and their features. And also at the end of the article, I will focus on what is required of you, as a customer, to create a video.


Why do you need to know about the types of advertising and technical aspects of creating commercials?

In order to talk with the creator in the same language and understand why and why in the form of advertising, experts use certain methods and features.


The first thing that everyone who advertises on YouTube needs is to create a YouTube channel. It sounds obvious, and that is why you can forget about this important moment. But you can not forget :)



Types of video advertising

Video with the ability to skip. "In-Stream_1"

This ad is well known to you if you are a regular viewer of YouTube channels, it appears at the beginning, middle or end of the video. That is, in the stream.


  • The viewer has the ability to skip the announcement.
  • The time allotted to interest the viewer - 5 seconds.
  • Roller length up to 3 minutes.


Video without skipping. "In-Stream_2"

From the title, it is obvious that the viewer does not have the opportunity to skip your ad and will see the entire movie. From here and feature of the given video advertising - duration of 15 seconds. It is also streaming advertising embedded in the video at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video.



No, this is not a channel, but the name of the direction of advertising on YouTube :)

Advertising consists of text and video preview. When you click on this ad, your video will be played.

This advertisement is placed:

  • In the list of similar videos.
  • On the search results page.
  • On the main page of the mobile version of YouTube.



A special format created for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets.


  • Video ads are not hosted on YouTube but are displayed in applications and on the mobile sites of Google partners.
  • Videos start automatically and without sound, and users can turn it on if they wish.


Formats and technical parameters

Video for placement as an advertisement is accepted in the format MOV, MP4, AVI. The best format is MP4.

The recommended aspect ratio is 16: 9, which in pixels is 1920x1080 px


What is required of you?

Below, I will cite a number of tasks that you and your team need to solve. Why you? It's simple: no one except you knows your product, all its advantages, and functionality.




Setting a goal

I have already written about setting a goal that you achieve by advertising, who have not read, see here.

Target audience

The next stage of any advertising campaign is to determine your target audience, that is, that circle of people who are most interested in purchasing your product or service. Personally, I consider this stage the most important. Here's a vivid example: Do not offer meat to a vegetarian.


To create a video, our specialists need basic material from you, which is so unique that only you have it.

  • Your company logo in vector graphics (one of the formats: ai, svg, eps).
  • A style guide for your brand, if available. If not, then show a few examples of the style, in which your brand is most comfortable.
  • Branded photos of your product. Report if they are not.


That's all that is required by your team. Also for your convenience, you can fill out the brief on the page.