Video message from business to audience

In this article:

  • The relevance of video advertising in 2019
  • Definition of the goal embedded in the commercial


If you are interested in the relevance of the topic of video content, then you already know that since 2018 the number of produced videos has increased in the media space by 30%.

This is directly related to the fact that video is the tool that most fully affects the viewer. And for business, the viewer = buyer. Therefore, a business that does not want to keep up with trends and wants to catch a wave of relevance cannot ignore the direction of the promotion of its product with the help of video.

With the relevance of the video in 2019, we all understand. You can proceed to the next stage - defining the goals you want to achieve by showing the audience a video.

You immediately have a question: “Is selling a product, not the same goal?”

What I want to tell you right away is that this is the goal of all businesses in the world. Therefore, this big goal should be broken down into more specific and specific ones.

After all, your product or service has certain characteristics, seasonality and varying degrees of recognition. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight these parameters and create a plan according to which each goal will be achieved through a video clip.

I will give simple examples. Which should inspire you to think through your goals.


  • Start the action. This may be a discount on a particular product or group of goods. Or everyone's beloved “Black Friday”. Or sale of the seasonal collection.

  • News of your project. Maybe you opened a new office or a new place to sell goods? Or maybe your brand began to support the direction of zero waste production, but your customers still do not know about it? Maybe there are global changes in your company and your audience must know about it. Tell about it in the video.

  • Informative goals. Infographics. Statistics. Figures and facts. Show them beautifully and dynamically so that information is easily assimilated by the audience.

  • Get closer to the buyer, let him backstage to you. Show the interior of your project. There may be a process of working your team or creating your product. The buyer is curious and this video will be interesting to him.


Share your emotions with the audience through the video message. Raise the mood of subscribers or express your outrage to this or that event, exciting your team. Create a video about the mood of your brand. This will bring you and your customer closer.

Thinking through the goals for the video, remember that advertising is not necessarily directly product + price tag. This is primarily a conceptual message.

And about the idea of ​​submitting these clips, I will tell you in the next article.