11 Ideas for Business Video

I continue to share with you the accumulated information and experience in creating video clips for business. And this article focuses on the ways of presenting information so that you can choose which one is suitable for you. And it is better to adopt several ways and alternate them whenever possible.

According to the responses of your audience, you will understand which videos are better perceived and maybe you will get a regular rubric that the audience will look forward to every time.

For clarity, we consider each method on the example of the service for the delivery of bouquets and gifts. That is an example when there are a product and a service.


1. Video instruction

You can instruct the buyer on many parameters. For example, show step by step how the ordering process takes place.

Or it may be an instruction on how to use the purchased item.

In the case of a bouquet of flowers, you can show how to care for flowers so that the bouquet does not wilt quickly.


2. Video process. #wip

Processes are the most interesting videos. Everyone loves to watch how it's made. You have already imagined a beautiful video where a girl in an apron from a pile of flowers and branches lying on the table collects an elegant bouquet.

I love watching videos with cooking. I can not cook, and from that, I like these videos even more.


3. Video message to the audience with an idea to think about

The key phrase of this video is the question "What do you think ...?" That is, you show something to the audience and invite them to express their opinion.

In our case, it can be shown that the project thought it was time to abandon plastic flower packaging in favor of craft paper.


4. Argumentation

This video can be as self-sufficient, with a listing of certain arguments and facts about your project, product, service. Or this video will be a continuation of the previous one, in which you identified the topic for reflection, received feedback from the audience, and based on this, give your arguments.


5. Entertainment

After a series of informational posts, be sure to break the tape with entertainment. Remember the "Harlem Shake". The whole world was having fun.

It is not necessary to stand on your head, although this may fit into your concept. Videos with smiles, bright emotions, something naive, childish, funny. That is, the video causes positive emotions and good associations.

For florists, this can be a video with a boy who hides behind him a bouquet of flowers for his mother or grandmother. I imagine in thought this picture and I want to say: “Ohhh, how sweet it is”

There is no way to shoot people?

Nothing wrong. Layout from the flowers and leaves, which remained from the bouquets the phrase "Have a nice day" or "Smile". Animate this with stop motion. Ok, I understand, I will tell you more about this in the next article.


6. Overview

A classic that should not be forgotten. In pursuit of non-standard approaches in the video, we forget that our task is to promote a product or service, which means we need more information and technical details. And for a part of the audience, this is the most important and to lose technical videos = to lose the client.


7. Question answer (FAQ)

No matter how comprehensive the information about your product/service on your website or in the application, users will still ask questions in the chat, comments, on the mail.

And at a certain point, these questions will accumulate and you can make a video with the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In the process of developing your project, new questions will accumulate and such a video may come out once a year or even more often.


8. Comparison

It is not necessary to compare your product with someone else! You can compare two products from your range with each other.

Or compare the quality of the services you provide now and a year ago.


And for dessert, I left the most interesting, in my opinion.


9. Interview

With anyone: a project manager, an ordinary employee of your company, the best employee, your client.

This video format is live communication = live emotions and question-answer = new information and, of course, it is also backstage, showing that open and responsive people work in this company.


10. Call to action

Not all videos are dedicated to the call. The call should be the climax. But the video itself should lead your viewer to activity.

For example, a call to leave a comment, mark friends, subscribe to the newsletter.

I like the phrase "Save the video, so as not to lose." Accordingly, there must be something useful in the video itself.

Or such a "Ask a question to the comments and get advice today."


11. Provocation

I will say right away - this is not an easy way, as you always have to observe the line between strong humor/sarcasm and the opportunity to hurt the feelings of your audience. But if you analyze everything correctly, provocation can give an impetus to weeding out not your audience, you will also receive a certain amount of different information about your product, which at first glance no other monitoring can reveal.

Also, a provocation can lead you to a new audience that has never heard of you before.

I'm sure in the process of reading you have already received ideas on creating video content for your business.
But in what style it can be realized, I will tell in the next article.

Have a great day!