Styles & techniques for business video

It's time to talk about the styles and techniques that create interesting and catchy video clips. Even if you don’t create a clip yourself for your business, but reassign it to the professionals, knowing the styles, it will be easier for you to explain what exactly you like and what result you expect.

I divided the article into blocks and labeled basic information in the headings. That is, you can read all the information or run through the headlines and choose exactly what you need.

Montage video, color correction, and add logo

Let's start with the most obvious - editing a clip from several video shootings and color correction.

Most likely, you will not be enough just gluing the video. You will probably want to add your logo to the video. It can be placed as an intro or an outro to the video. Or logo is visible throughout the entire video.

The viewer will intuitively associate the mood and information message from the video with your logo and means that he will already have an opinion about the project and its memorization.

Simple branded animation or let your logo dance

It’s a lot cooler to add to your videos not just a static logo, but for it to be animated. Beautiful appearance and beautiful disappearance of the logo - add "liveliness."

Depending on the style of the logo itself, the style of the animation is determined. For example, smooth lines, rounded elements and a handwritten font in the logo can be animated, as if the logo is drawn by the artist.

A strict logo in the form of geometric shapes, strict lines and minimalistic fonts are animated, for example, with an assembly of particles or a 3D construction.


If you are shooting the video yourself and you only need an animated logo for the videos, send us your logo. Our experts will analyze the style of graphics and discuss with you the options for animation.

Making periodical videos for YouTube channel

Consider the option when your project has its own YouTube channel and you need all the videos to be in the same corporate style. That is, you want more than an animated logo.

Suppose on the video you have a presenter telling and showing something, but you really want his actions and story to be accompanied by explanatory photographs, text, and hand-drawn graphics (icons, graph, diagram).

Package YouTuber

You will need:

  • video intro,
  • titer, that pops up during the clip,
  • animated graphics for headings and visual support,
  • splash screen for splitting the video into parts,
  • outro.

Send us a request with the note "Package Youtuber" - this will be the first step to creating your cool corporate video.

In this direction, it is important not so much the creation of an animated style as its maintenance and support. That is, you should understand and decide at the very beginning: Who will mount the videos & integrating the company graphics there?


You have several options:

  • Self-study programs for a montage.
  • Recruit an experienced specialist.
  • Conclude a contract with the agency that will mount and send you the finished result.

The best option, of course, is the third. You do not need to purchase software and spend time studying programs. It is only necessary to clearly define the frequency of the publication of the finished video and in time to send the material and the task to the montage to the specialists.

Corporate style video presentation

This is a variant of the mix of video and design animation: graphics on the topic of video, text and corporate identity elements. Such a video may be required as a visual accompaniment when speaking at an event. Or this video tells about the benefits of your project. It is posted on your website or sent to the addressee upon request.

It can also be a video report with the results of the work done. For example, a successful exhibition.

Or, as in the example below, this is a video invitation to a music festival.

See this example to understand the essence of the presentation of the material.


The video uses the following techniques, styles, and materials:

  • Color corrected video that captures the mood of the scene.

Scenes from a black and white video hint at a sad mood, talking about the past, about what you need to forget. Bright videos convey an atmosphere of joy, desire for the best, charge positive.

  • Graphic elements in the musical theme.
  • The appearance of stylish graphics objects (colored rectangles, lines, textures).
  • Animation of the text and its stylish graphic design, which simultaneously meets the trends of graphic design in 2019 and the visual needs of the target audience.
  • Transitions between scenes. Corresponds to the general style of graphics and dynamics of the clip.
  • Effects and texturing.



Video without video - is it real?


Many businessmen are faced with the fact that they need unique video clips in the corporate style for business, and there is no possibility to shoot material for editing.

And how to be?

Is it possible to create a video without a video?

My answer - of course, you can!


And now I will tell you about it and show you examples.

To begin with, let’s take as the basis that video is a sequential frame change and movement of various objects. These frames and objects can be photos and drawing graphics.

And the magic of reviving photos and graphics is the work of a professional in motion design.


What is required of you?

  1. The desire to get a cool movie.
  2. Contact us.
  3. As much as possible to tell us about your idea and what goal you want to achieve through the video. That is, you need to fill out the brief and answer the clarifying questions of our managers and designers.
  4. If you have photos and have already developed a corporate style, provide these materials to designers for work.


Below you will see of examples of videos in which there are no video scenes at all. It's all animated graphics, graphic design techniques and, of course, magic, nothing would have happened without it.



The clip drew as a cartoon 

Businesses use all the techniques of visual transmission of information to their customers. And the animation is also one of the tools.

Especially if the ambassador of your brand is not a real person, but a cartoon character. A vivid example of this is the dudes from M&M's. Oh, how I love them. Now the whole world knows them as 3D characters, but they started with the classic hand-drawn 2D graphics.

In general, it is not necessary to become attached to one character. But, acceptance of recognition does not hurt. I mean, when the viewer has already seen your character and meeting him again, unwittingly already follows the events, as if he was familiar.


The advantages of drawing video:

  • Ease of perception at any age, since our eyes from childhood, used to see painted.
  • Immediacy, which has an audience to itself and thus involves in the process of watching a video.
  • Ability to not be limited to the plot, the physical actions of the character, costumes, decoration, habitats. If you want to launch your character into space, tell us about it, and we'll figure out how to draw it.


Even if you have a super serious business project with an age audience of 40 years, the reception of the hand-drawn presentation of information should not be ignored. Discuss this idea with your marketers studying the visual impact on the buyer.

Chances are that it is the reception of hand-drawn animation that will show the audience that your project is flexible, dynamic, ready to follow the current moods of today. This will reduce the distance between you and customers, expand the audience, increase the credibility of your brand.


Animated infographics

Most often, we need to correctly present statistical data with you when you speak at conferences, forums, and exhibitions.

The speed of development of events and technologies of today dictates to us that the more qualitative, clearer and more dynamic we show the boring day of many figures, graphs and statistical tables, the higher the likelihood that information will be assimilated by a large number of audiences.

This is exactly the moment when "PowerPoint" alone is not enough for you. That is, you want animated graphics and beautiful graphic presentation of the material to be integrated into your slides, moreover in the corporate style. Charge this to professionals.

Give us systematized information and place emphasis on the priority points in your report. Our designers visualize the information and enliven it with motion design.

Using animated 3D objects

If you have the case when the object (product) is still under development or even at the idea level, and you already need to hold a product presentation (for example to investors). And you want to show a beautiful video clip, then you can not do without 3D animation.

And, of course, this video will need to be framed into the corporate design with 2D graphics and text.


All of the above, our team can create for your project.

In the process of negotiations with us, we can offer you more than I described in this article. For example, stop-motion animation, which we use in review videos about products.


And in the next article, I will talk about the features of the video for Instagram and YouTube.