Logo animation for business

In each of us lives a little Hamlet, who constantly asks "To be or not to be logo animation?";)
So my task is to tell you about the pros and ease of using an animated logo so that you have no doubts left and you get your animated logo.

Arguments "in favor"!

First, immediately ask yourself the question: “Where did the idea of ​​animation of your logo come from?”
I dare to suggest that you more and more often began to meet exactly animated logos in advertising on social networks. And, most likely in the promotional video is not only recommended to you, as an individual and user but in the video of your partners and competitors. You liked it, you were captured by the dynamics, you stayed to watch and maybe even played the video more than once.
Then you forgot for a couple of days and woke up today with the thought that you need an animation of your logo.
Hence the conclusion: the animated logo attracts more attention and memorization in the advertising video.

Secondly, it is not necessary to use an animated logo only in advertising, because now, in general, there is an emphasis on creating video publications in social networks and you can embed your animated logo in any of your branded videos. Thereby clearly denoting who owns the created video and increasing the visibility of your project.

Thirdly, it is beautiful! Especially if the animator correctly chose the style, mood, and dynamics of the appearance of the logo. That is, he created the most harmonious combination of lines in the graphics of the logo itself with the lines of movement of the parts, which will create a single whole that attracts the viewer's attention.

Fourth, no matter how old your project is. You are a young startup or brand with a 100-year history, you need to feel the dynamics of today. The viewer, and therefore the potential buyer, is attracted and interested in those who create trends and who keep up with trends.




How to use it?

You know how it happens, bought a thing, but how to carry it and what to combine with is not clear. So with an animated logo, you need not just to order the most beautiful trend animation, but to be able to use it yourself.


To do this, you need to decide:

1. Where exactly will you place the video with an animated logo? For example: only on Instagram. Or just on YouTube. And maybe in all networks at the same time. It is necessary to know and understand in order for the designer-animator to create a logo for you in a suitable format or to adapt it for different formats.


2. To decide who will mount.
To create a video on YouTube, you will need to acquire additional mounting skills and install software or online service. Since YouTube videos require adherence to format and quality.
But for Instagram, everything is easier and there are many applications for the phone, gluing several videos into one. For example, not a difficult mount in the InShot application. You can create a video right behind a cup of coffee.
But if you don’t have time for it, transfer it to your assistant or content manager.

That is, when you order a logo animation, you know for sure that the resulting video file will be used and will not gather dust on the hard disk.
By the way, the format (extension) of the file in which you receive the video is important. For example, we transfer the format mp4, which is supported by any device. Also, if you wish, we will record and send you the format of the movie, which is supported by iOS devices.

How to start a dialogue about ordering animation?

In the subject line, specify "Logo Animation". Attach your logo in the attachment in the vector (ai, eps, SVG) or at least preview (jpg, png). In the letter, you can freely tell where you plan to use the logo animation. And, if you have an example of an animation that you really liked, send a link to it or write about it, we will look to understand what style you are hooked.


Let's start!


For inspiration below are examples of logo animation.