Instagram advt video

About setting goals for your business video, about 11 ideas and a lot of cool techniques, which is worth knowing to all who are interested in the topic of the video, read in previous articles.

Now, as I promised, I will talk about the business video for the two most popular sites - YouTube and Instagram.


I’ll start, of course, with Insta, since you may not have got a channel on YouTube yet, and your project definitely has an Instagram profile. Otherwise, why would you need to start reading this article?




The audience’s involvement in watching videos is more than viewing a static photo. Even those users who are in a hurry and quickly-quickly squander an Insta news feed are interested in watching the video, so they can bookmark it to watch later.

But, when ordering or self-creating videos for Instagram, you should know its features.


The most interesting is below, but I'll start from the technical side because I will refer to this information more than once.


Video sizes for Instagram

Compliance with technical specifications will save you time. It is better to do everything strictly in size right away than to redo or reorder everything and pay extra for revision.


Gone are the days when Instagram limited our capabilities and imagination to an only square format. Today, for video content, we can adhere to four dimensions. Three for posts in the tape +1 for the stories.


For posts per page (in the news feed):

  • The very classic square, 1:1. For a good video quality of at least - 1080x1080 px. More is possible, less is not.
  • Vertical video - 1080x1350 px, which corresponds to the aspect ratio of 4:5.
  • Horizontal video - 16:9, 1080x607 px, better than 1920x1080 px.

For stories:

One size is 1080x1920 px, the proportion of the sides is 9:16.


Look at the image below for how this or that format looks on the smartphone screen in the Instagram application and how the formats differ from each other. This will help you determine the size of the video for your advertising company.


(!!!) Friends, there is an important exception - this is the size for stories the screen of the smartphone iPhone X. At the moment I am studying this issue and I will write the technical characteristics of a separate article. 




Timing and Script

Timing video for news feed - 1 minute. This is quite enough for the viewer to accept your informational message and call for a specific action.

Think over the script of the video so that its main key idea was shown in the interval from 15 to 45 seconds. That is, it took 50% of the video - 30 seconds and was in the center of the video. This scheme is a classic construction of any work.

That is, from 0 to 15 seconds in the video creates an atmosphere and mood. Then events develop from 15 to 45 seconds. And the video ends with some kind of conclusion, appeal, positive impression.

Can you break this composition? Yes, if you have already used the classical scheme many times, then the viewer can only be attracted by non-standard approaches. In advertising, experiments with a coup of everything upside down are welcome.




Voice and text support

Of course, immersion into the atmosphere of your video will be most complete if you use all the features of the video, and therefore the sound in all its manifestations: music, voice, sound effects.


As the practice of using the social network Instagram shows, users often watch videos without sound. Shock for those who make videos, right? But you remember yourself, you probably do the same thing and turn on the sound when you realize that you do not understand.

- And now what not to voice the video? - you ask.

- Voice! But when creating a video for Instagram, there is no key bet on the sound. That is, your video should be clear, interesting, emotional and without sound.

- How to solve this puzzle?

- Take advantage of video design.


  • Titles,
  • Visual effects,
  • Drawn graphics,
  • Exaggerated emotions of the characters of the video.



The importance of a properly selected cover is obvious, if only because the cover is the main preview of the video on your page and in the recommended posts. Choose the most informative and harmonious frame.

The effect of clickbait cover.

Should I use a provocative video cover and how to do it?

The degree of clickbait provocation you define for yourself, taking into account the rules of the Instagram community, so as not to get the opposite effect in the form of complaints, blocking, deleting content and pessimizing the page in the issue.

And how to add a cover, I will share it with you.


For this you need:

  • Draw this cover in the same dimensions as the video itself. For dimensions, see the information above.
  • Give the task to the specialist who makes the design and installation of your clip to put the cover image as the first frame. For reference: 1 frame = 1/30 of a second, which means that in the video itself there will be almost no noticeable flash from the cover.
  • When uploading a video to Instagram, select this frame as the cover.


In order to clarify everything described above, I will tell the classic scheme of the video on the example of "SALE 50% for jackets." That is, we fix on a simple example of the concept: timing, script, cover, visual accompaniment.



Street style photoshoot, that is, for my example, heroes and goods in their natural conditions. At the same time, of course, the emphasis in the frame is directed to the product, in this case - the jacket. That is, the viewer intuitively understands that the video will be about jackets, he is mentally already there, with your characters on that very street, and is waiting for action. In 15 seconds he was already prepared for the development of events and asked himself the question: “So what are you ready to offer me next?”

By the way, for those who do not know the answer to the question: "Is it possible to create a video clip without using a video?" The answer is in the article here.



For 30 seconds, we show the key message of the video - a 50% discount. This can be conveyed in the video as the fact that for the usual price you can buy not one, but 2 jackets at once. If there is a couple in the frame, a boy and a girl, then both are happy with the purchase of new clothes.

Show: hugs & smiles, the text presented in a competent design explains the discounts and profit from the purchase.



In these 15 seconds, you give the viewer information about what needs to be done in order to profitably purchase goods at a discount.


Call to action, for example:

  • more about the action on the link,
  • go to purchase,
  • do this and get this discount
  • your option.


Video for Instagram Stories

It is worth noting the features and differences in creating a video for stories.

The main differences:

  • The size and proportions of the video are different from the video for the tape. See above for exact dimensions.
  • The timing just 15 seconds.


If this video is for an advertising campaign, then do not forget that creating videos for stories is also a work with time and money.


In order to reduce costs, there are such life hacks:

  • To be able to keep up with timing, it is not necessary to re-record the video under the stories. You can take 8 seconds from the part that basically the video reveals the main message + 7 seconds set aside for the call to action.
  • And in order not to crop important visual details into a video, you can segment the screen and thus even win by giving your viewer even more information. Let me explain in numbers and in the scheme below.


The height of vertical video for stories is 1920 px, for a tape - 1350 px. Accordingly, you can use this 570 px difference for a call to action or for any other information. For example, insert a static image there that will not change during the entire time of the video and will include something very important (contact details or product photo).

Do not forget that the feature content for stories - the immediacy. Therefore, allow yourself even in the advertising story to use funny gif animations and emoji.





I am sure that this information will be very useful to you in the preparation of the task and for us as specialists who create an advertising video that embodies and visualizes your idea.