Video ads articles

YouTube video advertising

The main objective of this article is to give you the idea that creating a promotional video for posting on YouTube and other video platforms are not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. I will talk about the types of advertising and their features. And also at the end of the article, I will focus on what is required of you, as a customer, to create a video.

Instagram advertising video

Now, as I promised, I will talk about the business video for the two most popular sites - YouTube and Instagram. I’ll start, of course, with Insta, since you may not have got a channel on YouTube yet, and your project definitely has an Instagram profile. Otherwise, why would you need to start reading this article?

Styles and techniques in video

It's time to talk about the styles and techniques that create interesting and catchy video clips. Even if you don’t create a clip yourself for your business, but reassign it to the professionals, knowing the styles, it will be easier for you to explain what exactly you like and what result you expect.